Saturday, 1 October 2011

About Myself

         My name is Tan Kai Ling. I live in Balik Pulau ,Penang. I teach in SJK(C) SACRED HEART. I started to teach since year 2005. The subjects which i teach are Mandarine, Music, KH, PJK and Sivic. 
      I like to teach small kids in their learning skills including read , write , talk and calculate. When seeing their progress increasing, i feel  satisfy with my hard work.
     Besides teaching, i always wish i can have a chance to keep upgrade my knowledge in this field. I have tried many times to apply a course for myself but unfortunately there's no place for me. 
      When come to 2011 , i manage to apply PPG course. I feel so happy even the campus too far away from my hometown. Finally my wished granted. I really appreciate for it.    
                                               Tan Kai Ling 
 My First Step

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